Classic Barbeque Chicken

The versatility of Zesty Italian seasoning is truly astounding. Beyond its typical use in pasta sauces and pizza toppings, it can enhance the taste of other dishes, including our Classic Barbeque Chicken Recipe.
Classic Barbeque Chicken Recipe

When it comes to beloved dishes that never go out of style, our Classic Barbeque Chicken Recipe undoubtedly sits at the top of the list. Its smoky aroma, tender texture, and finger-licking taste have won over the hearts of food enthusiasts for generations. But imagine elevating this already tantalizing dish to a whole new level of flavor paradise – enter the world of our Zesty Italian seasoning. The combination might seem unconventional, but don’t let that stop you from embarking on a culinary adventure that promises to awaken your taste buds and leave you craving for more.

Unveiling the Classic Barbeque Chicken Recipe

Before we dive into the delightful world of Zesty Italian seasoning, let’s take a moment to appreciate the roots of Classic Barbeque Chicken Recipes. Historically, barbequing was a technique used by indigenous tribes in various parts of the world. Over time, it evolved into a true American tradition, with each region adding its unique twist to the dish. Today, it remains a staple at backyard gatherings and summer parties. Nothing says summer in America like a barbeque.

One of the secrets behind achieving the succulent and juicy nature of barbeque chicken lies in the art of marinating and tenderizing. Traditionally, the chicken is soaked in a rich marinade that infuses it with flavor and helps break down the fibers, resulting in unparalleled tenderness. From tangy tomato-based sauces to sweet and smoky concoctions, the marinades offer a delightful spectrum of tastes.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the star of this culinary fusion – Zesty Italian seasoning. The versatility of Zesty Italian seasoning is truly astounding. Beyond its typical use in pasta sauces and pizza toppings, it can beautifully enhance the taste profile of various other dishes, including our beloved Classic Barbeque Chicken Recipe.

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Classic Barbeque Chicken Recipe



2 TBS Zesty Italian Blend

2 tsp Garlic Pepper Blend

1 tsp Garlic, minced

1 1/2 Cups Blood Orange Olive Oil

3/4 Cup Grapefruit Balsamic Vinegar

23 TBS River Styx Monster Chili Powder

1 Bottle BBQ Sauce, your choice

1 Dozen Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs


  1. Trim excess fat from chicken thighs and season with Chili powder on all sides. Place in a gallon ziplock bag and pour in marinade. Place in the refrigerator for 4 hours up to overnight.
  2. Prepare a charcoal fire for 2-zone cooking – Hot side and Cool side
  3. Remove chicken thighs from marinade and drain excess liquid. Season with a little more the BBQ Rub.
  4. Place each thigh on the cool side of the grill – working in batches if needed. Cook for about 4 minutes each side until each thigh is about 1/2 way cooked.
  5. Move each piece over to the hot side of the grill to char (develop some tasty grill flavor) only takes a minute or so on each side so don’t walk away.
  6. Place each thigh in an aluminum baking pan and cover with BBQ sauce. Move the pieces around so that all sides are covered. Then place each piece back on the grill to caramelize. it doesn’t take long so stay with it and flip each piece accordingly until it has the “Charred-Up” look that you like. The crispy burnt edges are Delicious!



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