Homemade Slow Cooker Baked Beans

What makes slow cooking truly magical is the way it tenderizes tough cuts of meat, infuses dishes with rich, deep flavors, and turns simple ingredients into culinary masterpieces. It's a method that rewards patience, and the end result is often well worth the wait. From soups and stews to roasts and desserts, the slow cooker can handle a wide range of dishes. In this recipe, we're diving into the world of homemade slow cooker baked beans, an American classic that's getting a flavorful twist with Grizzly’s Herb Rub seasoning.
Homemade Slow Cooker Baked Beans recipe

Before we delve into the delectable realm of homemade slow cooker baked beans, let’s first uncover the secret behind the twist that makes these beans extraordinary—Grizzly’s Herb Rub seasoning.

Unveiling Grizzly’s Herb Rub

Grizzly’s Herb Rub is no ordinary seasoning blend. It’s a carefully crafted fusion of herbs, spices, and perhaps a dash of culinary wizardry. This blend promises to elevate your dishes to a whole new level of flavor. Seasoning isn’t just about adding a pinch of this and a dash of that. It’s a precise science, where the choice and combination of herbs and spices can make or break a dish. Grizzly’s Herb Rub is a well-balanced blend, carefully calibrated to complement the natural flavors of your ingredients.

The Step-by-Step Process

Slow cooker recipes are all about simplicity and patience. You’ll combine your ingredients in the slow cooker, set it to the desired temperature, and then let time work its magic. As the beans simmer gently, they’ll absorb the flavors of the broth and Grizzly’s Herb Rub, creating a symphony of taste.

The Anticipation of the Result

As your kitchen fills with mouthwatering aromas, you’ll find it hard to resist peeking into the slow cooker. But remember, slow cooking is a test of patience. The longer you wait, the more complex and delightful the flavors will become. When it’s finally time to serve your homemade slow cooker baked beans, you’ll savor the rewards of your patience and culinary expertise.

Slow cooker baked beans seasoned with Grizzly’s Herb Rub is not just a recipe; it’s a flavorful journey that combines the art of slow cooking with the magic of seasoning. When you take your first bite, you’ll discover a world of taste that’s well worth the wait. So, gather your ingredients, set your slow cooker, and prepare to be amazed by the delicious results of your culinary adventure.

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Homemade Slow Cooker Baked Beans Recipe



8 oz Uncooked Bacon, diced

1 Yellow Onion, diced

2 TBS Grizzly’s Herb Rub

3 Cloves Garlic, minced

3 15 oz cans of any combination of Great Northern Beans, Red Kidney Beans, and Pinto Beans

½ Cup ketchup

¼ Cup Molasses or Buckwheat Honey

¼ Cup Spicy/Sweet BBQ Sauce

½ Cup Dark Brown Sugar, packed

1 TBS Worcestershire Sauce

½ TBS Dijon Mustard


  1. Cook your bacon: add diced bacon to a large skillet or pan and place over medium heat, cook bacon until crispy and golden brown.. Allow bacon to cool.
  2. Drain the bacon grease, leaving 1 – 2 tbsp on the bottom of the pan and add in the diced onion and Grizzly Herb, cooking for 5-8 minutes or until they are slightly golden. During the last minute of cooking, add in your garlic and cook for 1 min. Remove from heat and set aside.
  3. Add the drained and rinsed beans to the slow cooker, then add in the bacon and onion/garlic.
  4. Next add in the ketchup, molasses, bbq sauce, brown sugar, Worcestershire, and mustard. Stir with a wooden spoon until everything is well combined.
  5. Cook on high for 3-4 hours or low for 6-7 hours.



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